The Line, Broken

by Nick Carswell

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The Line, Broken is tragic tale of loss and self-discovery with a unique and ultimately uplifting view of the mysteries of the world, of life and love. It is presented as an electro-acoustic audio-drama that uses techniques of contemporary composition and sound design to expand upon the production techniques of modern audio-drama.

The Line, Broken tells the story of a man mourning the death of his wife and child in a tragic accident. He is haunted by the memories of the event, and as he deals with his loss, he has some philosophical and existential encounters that cause him to question the meaning of his life and loss, and wonder about his own place in the universe.

The story is set amongst a rich tapestry of different soundscapes, emotive musical themes and electro-acoustic compositions and creates a new narrative style for audio-drama and a unique way of telling the story. Music, philosophy, physics, memory and love come together through the words, sounds and stories in The Line, Broken.


How to listen to an audio-drama:

You may not be sure how to listen to an audio-drama (let alone an electro-acoustic one!). Don't worry, listening is surprisingly easy. The trick, however, is not to do anything else while you listen.

Once you download the album (for free), you should be able to open it in the music player of your choice, and the tracks will all run into each other without gaps.

These tracks are not truly 'tracks' as you might know them from a music CD. Instead, consider them chapters or scenes similar to a DVD. Sometimes the chapters are whole scenes of dialogue, sometimes they are only music, other times a mix of the two and other times again short divisions of longer passages. They have been included as traditional album tracks so that you may jump to 'chapters' as you would on a DVD movie. Of course, The Line, Broken is a story with its own distinct narrative, and is designed to be listened through completely.

Active Listening:

Your first listen should be in a comfortable setting, ideally at home, as you would sit down to watch a film. Don't try to listen in the car, or even on headphones while out and about. Audio-drama is a remarkably powerful and visual medium, and once you are listening actively, the story should engage and allow you to create your own unique vision and experience of the drama. The exposition of the narrative and the rates of change within the music and sound design are all considered in the production of the piece, and yet further tools in telling the story.

The entire piece is 76 minutes long. Plan accordingly, and enjoy!

Nick Carswell


released December 16, 2011

Written and directed by Nick Carswell

Conor Donelan as Peter Newman
Aisling Bodkin as Elaine Newman
John McEvoy as Alan Murray
Donal Gallery as Greg Whelan
Sabina Bonnici as Maria Keegan

All music by Nick Carswell
Recorded and produced by Nick Carswell

Cover artwork by Fiona Robinson, used with her kind permission (



all rights reserved


The Line, Broken Ireland

Conor Donelan
Aisling Bodkin
John McEvoy
Donal Gallery
Sabina Bonnici

Written and directed by Nick Carswell

All music by Nick Carswell
Recorded and produced by Nick Carswell
© 2011
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